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Colorful Compositions Made From Glass Reflections

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Colorful Compositions, This UK-based artist creates mesmerizing fields of projected color inspired by Pax's observations of light in nature

Colorful Compositions, This UK-based artist creates mesmerizing fields of projected color inspired by Pax’s observations of light in nature by using color, lines, and shapes in multi-layered compositions. 바카라사이트

Viewers will notice that the use of glass—with its properties of reflection, refraction, opacity, and translucency—is central to the artworks.

She strives to “make the invisible visible” in her glass assemblages, creating unexpected temporal beauty and ethereal color fields.

Hildegard Pax spoke with Artwork Archive about her creative process

Her use of glass as a medium, and how she manages it all with Artwork Archive.

More of her work can be found on Discovery, and more information about her work can be found below.

Even when I first started learning about stained glass, the focus of my art has always been working with light.

I wanted to start in stained glass and create 3D pieces using the copper foil technique to create vessels and shapes lit by candles.

Because of the technical requirements of working with glass

My art has been influenced by a number of factors, including access to specialist glass working facilities

Size restrictions due to sandblasting, cabinet sizes, and the need to outsource sandblasting for larger work

Which limited my experimentation and style development.

In response, I created a body of work that did not require sandblasting and was entirely light-activated.

Now have a new studio with my own sandblaster, which opens up new possibilities for experimentation!

Do you have a favorite or most enjoyable aspect of your process?

My favorite stage is the experimentation stage, where I can experiment with glass

And light to observe reflections, projections, overlays, and color interaction. 카지노사이트

For me, the most exciting part of the process is the chance observations of sunlight falling onto glass samples or reflections not seen before

Which must be recorded in order for the piece to progress. The challenge is then to turn these observations into finished works.

My early inspiration stems from my fascination with stained glass windows in churches.

I enjoyed watching how the light fell and colored the interior at different times.

Light reflections and modulations through man-made structures, as well as the Northern Lights, influence my work.

Glass, with its properties of reflection, refraction, opacity, and translucency, is central to my work.

Strive to make the invisible visible in each glass assemblage.

I make a screen to hold the light color’projection’ or’reflection’ by incorporating an opaque or translucent element within or behind the work.

Colors reflected and transmitted collide and merge within the artwork, creating an ethereal color field space.

After finishing high school, I began a six-month placement in a joinery workshop

Which sparked an interest in woodworking and design.

This led to a degree program in Interior Architecture, and a twenty-year career designing interiors for offices, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels.

This provided me with a solid understanding of space and proportion, as well as the significance of light within a space.

I went on to pursue postgraduate studies in glass and architecture, and I’ve been teaching and working as a glass artist ever since.

The next concept I’d like to investigate is combining paper and glass to create shallow 3D sculptures.

The paper’s shape and surface will interact with the shadows cast across the colored glass to create a landscape of reflection and projection.

This is still in its early stages, but I’m curious to see where it will take me. I also want to make a glass installation piece. 카지노 블로그

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